CBD Horse Pellets

  • Organically Grown CBD Hemp

  • Made in Italy

  • 6600mg of CBD in every kilo

  • Designed to treat to treat and prevent:

  • Inflammation

  • Pain from arthritis

  • Pain from laminitis

  • Anxiety caused by stall confinement

  • Stress

  • Ulcers and leaky gut and much more

Welcome to ItalianStallion.com

We are pleased to introduce you to our organic cannabis based superfood for horses.

Made in Italy and developed by Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA), ItalianStallion.com superfood is specifically designed to increase your horses vitality and treat a myriad of potential health issues.

Made from whole plant organic CBD hemp and with an amazing range of organic super foods, Our CBD horse pellets are easy to use and provide 6600mg of organic CBD in every one kilo pack. Recommended dosage is approximately 1 tablespoon per day so our 1kg Italian Stallion CBD superfood pellets will last you for approximately 30 days.

CBD has become an extremely popular addition to your horses daily supplements. Our pellets are designed to work with your horses endocannabinoid system and to balance and create equilibrium within your horses body and mind.

Be prepared for exciting and dynamic improvements as your horse finds its natural balance with our CBD enriched pallets.

At ItalianStallion.com we are dedicated to excellence in producing the highest quality ingredients. Our organic CBD and all organic ingredients bring the best health solutions for your horse.

The 21st-century has been described as the era of 'health is wealth' and 'food as medicine'. This is actually more true than ever, with the discovery of how CBD can improve your horses health.

Equine Superfood

Organic Full Spectrum

Italian Stallion Superfoods are developed using our scientific research team which focuses on health and wellness leveraging the latest research on the body and its capacity to heal, regenerate and balance.

Italian Stallion is your answer to improve your horses quality of life and gain enhanced natural performance with new levels of energy and vitality .

List of ingredients



Maize (Corn)

Whole plant hemp


Beet Pulps


Calcium carbon


Contains Organic:

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Spirulina Powder

Wheat grass powder,

Barley grass powder,

Flax seed fibre powder – defatted,

Lucuma powder,

Alfalfa powder,

Peppermint powder,

Carrot powder,

Rosehip Skin Powder,

Chlorella powder,

Rosehip flour whole,

Spinach powder,

Red Beet Juice powder,

Pineapple powder,

Ginseng Siberan powder,

Cinnamon powder,

Pomegranate fruit powder (whole),

Licorice powder,

Broccoli powder,

Blueberry Powder,

Raspberry powder,

Goji fruit powder,

Schisandra fruit powder,

Acai powder,

Reishi powder.

All ingredients are organic according to EU 834/2007

6,600mg of organic hemp based CBD in every 1 kg

Organic CBD horse pellets